Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Music Questionnaire No 10 - Mark Braby

I've been playing music with Mark for over five years now, as "Braby/Sanderson Underdrive", in our acappella duo singing Copper Family songs, and in Lost Robots. For many years Mark was the leader of "Joe's Comforters", whilst also offering his musical services to The Gemma Ray Ritual, Defeat The Young, Drop, Jail and many others. He is currently getting together a new vehicle for his songs dubbed "London Firesky".

Mark is also a promoter, running The Orchestra Pit and Scaledown, and presents a Resonance FM show, also called "Scaledown".

Mark used to be an actor, and his photogenic fizzog was occasionally seen in TV ads in the mid 90's. His visual similarity to Steve Brookstein is, however, purely coincidental.

Who are you?

Mr Mark Braby

Where are you based?

Muswell Hill, London N10

What instruments do you play?

Bass, drums, melodica, guitar, toys, effects, percussion

What is your current or most recent project?

Lost Robots

Name a record that had a big effect on you in your youth-

'Reward' by The Teardrop Explodes

What was the last record/CD you played-

'Real life' by Magazine

List three records or CDs by artists other than yourself we should all hear-

'Real life' by Magazine, 'Largo' from 'Symphony No 6 in B Minor' by Shostakovich, black saint and the sinner lady by Charles Mingus

Describe a live performance that had a big effect on you-

Cardiacs at the Pink Toothbrush, Raleigh, Essex, 1988. 6 smelly people in dusty sally army gear performing bonkers riffs and time changes. Reminded this 22 year old of war time songs put through scratchy metallic machines and wooden stuff

Tell me about a great experience as a performer-

playing at the Union Chapel

Is improvisation important to you?


What is your favourite city?


A couple of favourite books-

'All quiet on the orient express' by Magnus Mills, 'to kill a mocking bird' by Harper Lee.

A couple of favourite films-

vertigo, north by northwest, the innocents

Behind You!
Thanks Mark
the Music Questionnaires are an ongoing series

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